A few months ago we had an interesting work experience with the interface design of highly specialized program MalininSoft. The task was to create an explainer about this program. It wasn’t easy but what we did:

1. We abandoned the visual of real interfaces.

2. Redrawn each program in its own color scheme and style according to the new identity.

3. The interface has been simplified as much as possible: menus, submenus, buttons, input fields, etc. But they left the cursor as a reminder of the reality of interfaces.

4. The maximum semantic load was moved to that part of the interface, which in real life is responsible for the visualization of calculations. Here we are not showing the calculation process itself, but rather acquainting the viewer with the functionality of the program and the scenario of its use in real life.

As a result, we have a product video that works for a wide audience: the one who is in the subject will immediately understand what the conversation is about and go to the site, the one who is not in the subject will pretend that he understood everything and, depicting usefulness, will send it to the one who is in the subject.

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