Where did the name of the studio Lakota come from?

Let’s start our acquaintance with a clean slate! Sit back, and we will start sharing news about the life and work of our studio, show and tell about our team, bring you backstage and, in general, we are waiting to show you a lot of interesting things. In the meantime, we’ll start from the beginning – with the name of the studio, Lakota.


The Lakota are a native people of the United States, divided into seven tribes. We deeply value and respect the culture of all the peoples of the world, but you can reasonably ask, what does our studio and the Lakota people have to do with it? After all, we are not just in different countries, but on different continents! First, we believe that art has no boundaries, which means that nothing prevents us from praising this or that culture. And secondly, according to one of the legends, it is to the representatives of the Lakota people that we owe the appearance of the “dreamcatcher”, which you can contemplate on our logo (no, this is not an udder!).

This legend tells of a tribal elder who once saw a vision on a mountain. In the form of a spider, the keeper of great wisdom, Iktomi, appeared to the elder and made a circle of willow, then wove a web inside. Iktomi told the elder that good and evil forces daily try to penetrate human dreams. A “dreamcatcher” is like a filter that does not let evil and negativity through, freeing the way only for good.

Nice, isn’t it?

We do our best to make our animation studio, Lakota, like a “dreamcatcher” – weeding out bad ideas and leaving only the best for our clients.

  • February 7, 2022
    Reggie Bosques

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Many thanks for providing this information.


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