Videos for recruiting, and why you should look carefully at the them

There is a misconception that animated videos are only suitable for advertising on external resources and promoting their products in the market. In fact, animation has a huge range of possibilities and uses, one of which is being successfully applied by HR professionals

Why is an animation video great for human resources? There are many reasons. To begin with, small animated videos can contain a huge amount of information that is not always easy to explain in words to future and current employees. In the video, all this information is compressed and presented in the most simple, but vivid and memorable, way. Thus, time is saved not only for employees but also for HR specialists

Animated videos are great for training or retraining employees. Information presented in this way is assimilated more quickly and easily. It’s even more fun than sitting in regular lectures. In addition, as the Australian writer Allan Pease established, we perceive only up to 10% of words, while the rest of the information we perceive is visual and audio materials. And this is 90%! A palpable difference, isn’t it?

Another obvious benefit of creating recruiting animation videos is the ability to share the recruiting video on social media. This method is fast, convenient, and creates a positive image of a company that is ready to invest in its employees.

Finally, our animation studio, Lakota, offers HR departments a unique service to highlight the achievements and activities of companies through virtual news clips. “Hosts” can talk about the work of the firm through weekly or monthly issues.

Each such video is a unique “film” about your company, using your corporate identity and your goals. In it, you can simply tell about the history of the organization, its values, profitable promotions, corporate universities, culture and employees… and so on. Such videos evoke an emotional response and, of course, generate trust in the employer.


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