Why it is worth animating illustrations

Lakota. Motion & Design team often works with ready-made illustrations that professional illustrators and illustration agencies contact us with.

We have collected the main reasons why it is worth animating illustrations and how to explain to your customers that it is necessary to do it right now.

1. Holding attention

Probably it is no longer necessary to explain that animated visual content makes the site visitor scroll the page a little slower than usual. However, there is a more interesting correlation: the more effort spent on animating a static illustration, the more time the viewer will spend studying the details. 

Of course, sometimes it is just a few extra seconds, but it is quite enough to build a strong connection with the viewer.

2. Enhancement of emotions

The emotion, mood or message that the artist wanted to express through the illustrations can be enhanced by means of the animation. The people in the illustration can become more excited or interested in their own actions, the most unusual objects may come to life and your story will be told in a more powerful way.

3. Boost your Reach

Multimedia won. Why use static content on platforms that were originally created for media formats? Modern technologies allow animated illustrations to look equally decent on urban media facades, in YouTube ads or in the interface of an app or website. 

Don’t deprive your illustrations, key visuals and visual communication of the right to be more replicable.

4. Expanding the information value

The desire of the customer to include maximum marketing information in one illustration is quite understandable. 

“An illustration should work out every single dollar invested in it and every square centimeter of the canvas,” – what your client, being a real businessman, thinks. 

“But what about carefully considered composition, graphic palette and shapes? Nothing else will fit here!” – an illustrator whines.

Animation is able to solve these problems: we can present information in a measured and accurate manner without compromising the unity of the illustration. It’s possible to lower the density of information by evenly distributing it over timeline. Magic!

5. Life-extension of animation


We believe that even small manipulations with a static illustration can give it a second life. And the point is not even that your visuals will receive all of the above benefits, but rather that in the near future content interactivity will be compulsory for placement in the sites. 

By modifying your illustrations that have already been created, you get the opportunity (and the reason) for their re-publication and distribution.

6. Additional cost (for illustration agencies)

Finally, speaking about the vital. Adding animation to your range of services is a great way to increase your average bill. Considering that 70-80% of the deskwork will be done at the stage of creating a static image, the marginality from the additional sale of animation services will be quite high.

With love for your illustrations

Lakota. Motion & Design


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