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Lakota is an animation and video production company that provides clients with creative marketing campaigns that lead their business towards unprecedented success.

Founded in 2014, the company has set a benchmark in the video animation and advertising sector.  The enthusiastic and creative artists and designers understand the client’s requirements to deliver results beyond their expectations.

In addition to that, the core team believes in transparency and keeps their clients in the loop at every step of the project. The agency is best-suited for companies struggling to find and reach their target audience.

The GoodFirms team got an opportunity to have a word with the company’s CEO, Mogilnikov Mikhail, and talk about how the company started, how it stands uniquely in the competition, and its future plans.

When talking about the idea behind starting the company, Mikhail mentions that they began working on video design for offline events and conferences in the early days. The team noticed a constant demand from companies for high-quality and effective presentations about their services and products. The company took more clients with a competent team and then decided to go headlong into the media advertising industry.

Lakota has a core team of animators, motion designers, and producers who work full-time to create innovative media campaigns. They also hire illustrators for specific projects when clients ask for different styles.

Mikhail also mentions that the company separates itself from the competition by focusing on the creative potential of employees and offline team interaction. The company has a lot of funds for training all team members to support their creative designers so that they don’t have to choose any animation-related tasks. Lakota’s team believes this is the only way to establish a creative atmosphere to provide high-quality commercial products.

At Lakota, the animators keep themselves creative to deliver logo animation, 2D animation, and whiteboard animation of high-class quality. The company utilizes its enormous knowledge and expertise to provide clients with a ladder to climb towards success. Moreover, they also pay attention to the changing trends and styles in presenting animation services to keep up with the latest industry standards.

With their creative animation services, Lakota provides brands with a unique identity and a way to get into customers’ minds. This helps their clients create brand recognition on a global stage. Making different animation videos effectively for clients from various industries has helped many businesses break their limits and reach their potential customers.

Moreover, the team keeps their clients in a constant loop, so the client has a complete picture of the state of work at any time while working on the project. Therefore, when working with the company, clients always get a positive result if they know what is going on during the production process. Thus, for coming up with the best and unique ideas for animation, the company has been ranked among the top animation companies in Russia at GoodFirms.

The creative team at Lakota brings together their experience and creativity to create a compelling video advertisement strategy. They understand the client’s business profoundly and develop a perfect advertising strategy to push their brand towards success.

The certified professionals at Lakota ensure that the advertising campaign reaches the maximum audience through Google and other social media platforms. This helps businesses create brand awareness among their targeted audience and achieve success with the help of an experienced team. Therefore, for providing clients with their experience and expertise in advertising, the company has been ranked among the top advertising companies in Russia by GoodFirms.

When asked about the company’s future in the next ten years, Mikhail mentions that the company plans to be a commercial animation production studio providing training and education. The team might be increased and have up to 50-75 members.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Mikhail’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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